Are you looking for a budget graphics card that can run the very latest games at high settings without any frame rate issues?  Well, the XFX AMD Radeon HD 7850 is one the few high-end GPUs that can deliver such performance, and we are pleased to share with you that currently has a decent offer on this card. Get the HD 7850 for only £129.98. A great value for money!

Please note that you need a 650W power supply unit to have a stable system.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Graphics Card Model - XFX AMD Radeon HD 7850 Core Edition
  • Core Clock Speed – 860MHz
  • GPU Memory – 2GB
  • Memory Type – GDDR5
  • Memory  Speed – 4,8GHz
  • Interface – PCI Express 3.0 x16
  • Max Resolution - 2560 x 1600
  • Connectivity – HDMI x1, mini Display Port x2, DVI-I x1, DVI-D x1


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