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There are 3 main factors that are usually taken into account when it comes to choosing a TV: screen size, features and price. Obviously, there is no way to have it all, so what are you willing to give up? If you answered screen size, this one is for you – 40-inch Full HD LED-lit 3D TV for only £444.00. Grab this hot deal on the Toshiba 40TL963B TV now, brought to you by amazon.co.uk.

Toshiba 40TL963B Review – Is It Really Worth It?

Out of the 3 previously mentioned factors that affect our decision when it comes to buying a TV, the screen size is in most cases the decisive factor. From this angle, Toshiba’s decision to go with a 40 inch display in order to reduce costs might seem very risky, but is it?

Let’s get things straight here: 40 inches is not small. Of course, it’s not the biggest TV either, compared to the 55-inch, 60-inch and other larger monster TVs out there, but it’s still a decent size. This being said, let’s move on and see what this TV can really do.

The first thing that strikes you is its design: slim and classy, thanks to its thin frame and grey metallic finish. However, it’s just an illusion, as the so-called metallic finish is actually just plastic, but the material and build quality are so solid that you won’t notice this aspect unless you’re standing just a few inches away from the TV. Thumbs up to Toshiba for achieving such a great illusion.

What’s not an illusion, though, is the superb image quality. Toshiba clearly didn’t make any trade-offs in this department because the images look stunning. Upon taking a closer look you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that this TV incorporates a backlight blinking system with a native image refresh frequency of 100 Hz, resulting in a virtual refresh rate of 200 Hz – very impressive for a TV in this price range. This method of increasing the refresh rate is not something new, but it’s something you rarely find in cheap TVs, so another thumbs up for Toshiba for this.

On the 3D side, the TV performs very well, images being realistic with a unexpectedly good depth effect. A 2D to 3D upscaler is also present but, as you might expect, it fails to impress considering that the resulted 3D is not the most convincing 3D.

In terms of connectivity, there’s a big upside and a big downside. Starting with the positive aspect, all the common connectors are there so hooking up all your devices is as easy as it can get. On the downside, all the ports are located on the back of the TV, resulting in difficult access to any of them if the TV is mounted on the wall. A side-placed HDMI connector would have been very useful in this matter but it seems that this is just a detail that Toshiba might have missed.

They also decided not to include a Wi-Fi module in this particular model so if you want to browse the Internet, you’re left with two options: use the Ethernet port and set up a connection via cable or buy a Wi-Fi dongle for about £40 and do it wirelessly. Either way, using Toshiba’s online platform is easy and straightforward, even though there is significantly less content compared to other similar online platforms.

Overall, the TV is a good pick for not so pretentious users that want a well-equipped TV at a decent price.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • TV Model – Toshiba 40TL963B
  • Screen Size – 40-inch
  • Display – 1920 x 1080, Full HD, LED, 3D
  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Motion Clarity Index – 200 Hz
  • Audio – two 10W speakers with Dolby Digital Plus
  • USB Playback and Recording
  • Smart TV – Web browser, App Store, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, Social Networks and more
  • Tuner – Built-in Freeview HD
  • Connectivity – HDMI x4, USB2.0 x2, SCART x1, Ethernet x1, PC-in x1, Digital Audio Out x1


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