Being on a tight budget is not a good enough reason to settle with a small TV, especially now, when the 40-inch Technika 40-270 is on sale. Available on for only £229.00, the Technika 40-270 is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a cheap big-screen TV to watch high-definition content on. Buy it now!

Technika 40-270 Overview

The Technika 40-270 is the ‘living’ example that budget TVs are very far from what they used to be; if some time ago the terms “budget products” were synonyms for “bad products”, things have gone a long way since.

Coming with a slightly dull design, the Technika 40-270 at least compensates in terms of performance, coming with a 40-inch Full HD display. Image quality is good but not perfect, the low refresh rate making the TV unsuitable for watching sports or other quickly-changing scenes. Still, in normal usage conditions the TV performs quite well.

The Technika 40-270 shows its true potential when connected to a Blu-ray player or other high-definition signal source which feeds it a Full HD 1080p video stream, image quality being comparable to the one of other more expensive TVs.

Overall, if you’re not a very pretentious user and simply want a big-screen TV that’s cheap, the Technika 40-270 is it.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • TV Model – Technika 40-270
  • Screen Size – 40-inch
  • Display Resolution – 1920 x 1080, Full HD (1080p)
  • Brightness – 430cd/m2
  • Tuner – Built-in Freeview SD
  • Audio – Two 8W Stereo Speakers
  • Connectivity – HDMI x3, SCART x1, USB2.0 x1, Component x1, D-Sub x1


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