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What do you call a big TV packed with all the latest features and technologies? A Sony, of course. Now what do you call a 46 inch Sony Full HD 3D LED TV with a price of only £799.90? A bargain! With a price that’s £400 cheaper than the price on the official Sony site, powerdirect.co.uk currently has the best offer on this gorgeous TV. Grab it while it’s hot!

Update: This offer has expired. The Sony KDL46HX923BU still available at the following sites though at a higher price.

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Sony KDL46HX923BU Review – What’s All the Hype About?

Sony TVs were always among our favourite TVs to review because every time we got a Sony on our hands we knew we’re in for a treat. As we expected, the Sony KDL46HX923BU is no exception, being a TV that managed to earn our sympathy right from the first glance.

It’s impossible to remain indifferent when you first see the Sony KDL46HX923BU – its design is one of the simplest designs we’re ever seen, consisting of a thin frame around the display with the Sony logo at the bottom and a small rectangular base. “Simple is the new sexy” seems to be the message that this TV tries to transmit, and it is darn right, because its simplicity is exactly the type of simplicity that will leave you speechless.

Even though it’s a pure pleasure to just sit down and admire the Sony KDL46HX923BU, turning it on reveals its true potential. Sony made no compromises regarding image quality, incorporating all the best technology has to offer in the KDL46HX923BU. We’re talking about a 46 inch LCD panel with full LED backlighting, set in motion by Sony’s X-Reality PRO image engine and the Motionflow XR800 motion processor. If the technical terms don’t tell you much, let us just say that the images are crystal clear, motion blur is entirely absent and, one important aspect, black is actually black and not just a dark shade of grey. Responsible for the last aspect is the local diming capability which allows the TV to dim or even turn off portions of the LED panel that lights the screen, achieving one of the deepest levels of black you’ll see in a TV. The 3D side is impressive as well, but it’s worth mentioning that a bigger screen would have been significantly better for creating a more realistic 3D experience.

Sony did its number on the Smart side too, putting everything at hand; the TV comes with an integrated Wi-Fi module so setting up an Internet connection is child’s play. A nice feature is the integrated video camera and microphone, the former coming with some smart features of its own, being capable of detecting whether you’re in front of the TV or not and dimming the screen’s brightness to reduce power consumption or even turning off the TV is you’re out for a longer period.

There are plenty of things that make the Sony KDL46HX923BU stand out and putting each and every one of them under the magnifying glass would turn this review into a novel, but what’s the point? Sony is one of those brands that managed to build a very solid reputation, so simply saying about a product that’s a Sony pretty much says it all.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • TV Model – Sony KDL46HX923BU
  • Screen – 46 inch
  • Display – Full HD 1080p, Full LED, 3D
  • LED Local Dimming
  • 200 Hz Motionflow XR 800 Motion Enhancer
  • X-Reality PRO Image Engine
  • Audio – 3 x 10W with S-Force Front Surround 3D, Dolby Pulse and Dolby Digital Plus
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Adapter
  • Smart TV – Web Browser, App Store, Social Networks and more
  • Tuner – Built-in Freeview HD
  • Connectivity – USB2.0 x 2, HDMI x4, SCART x1, Ethernet x1, Component x1, PCMCIA x1, Optical Digital Output x1
  • Accessories – 2 pairs of active 3D glasses included


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