We have a very well priced solid state drive yet again. If you’ve been waiting for a perfect day to upgrade your laptop, then it’s an exciting time for you because market of SSDs is getting hotter and hotter by every hour. More and more jaw dropping offers on SSDs become available as retailers are doing their best to capture customers with this SSD craze. At the moment, you can buy the 120GB SanDisk Extreme 2.5inch SSD for £59.99 at ebuyer.com.

Should You Upgrade Your Computer with an SSD?

It’s not a secret that traditional 5400-7200rpm hard drives with their 100mb/s speeds are real bottlenecks in our machines, so this where the SSD magic comes into play so nicely. Normally, SSDs are pretty fast, but this SanDisk is an exceptionally fast one with its 550MB/s read and 510MB/s write speeds which is approximately 5 times faster compared to top 7200rpm hard drives.

What’s the benefit of such speed gains besides great benchmark results? Well, performance boost will be evident from the moment you turn on your computer because the operating system will boot up dramatically quicker than before. All programs will load pretty much in an instant and multitasking will be a pleasure even when your PC runs out of available RAM because the system will be able to cache some of the temporary data to your SSD, and since the drive is extremely fast, the caching and accessing will be done in a relatively short time. Expect to see significantly improved overall performance thanks to this little solid state drive.

Alternatively, please see our fantastic deal on the OCZ 120GB Solid3 ultra-fast SSD. It’s now available for just £53.98.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Solid State Drive Model – SanDisk Extreme SSD
  • Capacity – 120GB
  • Super-fast, up to 5 times faster compared to 7200rpm HDDs
  • Speed – read up to 550 MB/s; write up to 510 MB/s
  • Interface – SATA3, backwards compatible with SATA2 and SATA
  • Life Expectancy – 2.5 million hours
  • Warranty – 3 years

SanDisk Extreme SSD Introduction Video



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