Amaze your friends with the stylish Samsung ST65 digital camera, the camera that takes great pictures and looks great doing it. They say an image is worth more than a thousand words so express yourself easier with the Samsung ST65. Its 14 MP image sensor will make your pictures worth much more than 1000 words while the 5x optical zoom will allow you to capture even the tiniest details, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. Get the Samsung ST65 now from for £75.73.

Slim – Smart – Samsung

The Samsung ST65 may be a budget camera, but it is definitely an impressive one. Samsung made an extra effort in terms of design and the result is a digital camera with a thickness of only 17 millimetres. Despite its slimness, the ST65 still packs every feature you’ll need to shoot good pictures.

Due to the 27mm wide-angle lens, the ST is ideal for capturing landscape photos, indicating that this camera is aimed at the ones travelling around the world collecting memories. Memories of friends and family can be captured with ease as well, thanks to the Perfect Portrait feature. The camera comes with a total of 15 different scene modes, being well equipped for every scenario.

If you want more, the Samsung ST65 will give you more; the camera can record 720p HD content too, for those moments when a picture is simply not enough. You can view the videos and photos on the 2.7” LCD screen. A TV output is not present, even though it would have been a useful feature for watching the content directly on the big screen. Such feature is absent in most cameras in this price range so the ST65 cannot be blamed for not having it either.

Overall, the Samsung ST65 is a camera that might not impress you with mind-blowing features or extraordinary performance but it will definitely impress you with its slim design

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Camera Model – Samsung ST65
  • Sensor – 14 Megapixels
  • Lens – 27mm wide angle
  • Optical Zoom – 5x
  • Screen – 2.7inch
  • Video Recording – record 720p HD videos at 24 frames per second
  • Digital Image Stabilizer


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