has a ‘CCL Choice’ 19-inch monitor on sale. The retailer doesn’t reveal what brand it is, however, from our standpoint it’s quite obvious – that’s the Samsung S19A300N. This particular model has a 18.5-inch LED display with 1366 x 768 HD resolution which is ‘not bad’ considering it’s size and price. Like most of the Samsung electronics, this monitor certainly looks great due to slim design and glossy black finish. Normally, the S19A300Ns are priced at around £80.00 so thanks to this offer you can save approximately £20.00. The Samsung S19A300N 19-inch budget monitor is being sold for £59.99 at

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Monitor Model - Samsung S19A300N
  • Screen Size – 18.5-inch
  • Display – 1366 x 768, HD, LED
  • Contrast – 1000:1 static
  • Response Time – 5ms
  • Connectivity – VGA x1


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