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Feast your eyes with a 50-inch flat screen TV from Samsung and watch your favourite movies or TV shows like you never did before. Featuring a 50-inch LED-lit display, the Samsung UE50ES5500 is a real beauty – the kind of TV that delights your eyes before you even turn it on. Once you do turn it on, the possibilities are endless: movies, TV shows or Internet – everything you need is right there. Get the Samsung UE50ES5500 now from directtvs.co.uk for only £779.96.

Samsung UE50ES5500 Review – Experience Everything. Bigger.

Samsung seems to have found the recipe of success for its TVs, aiming each model at a certain target audience instead of trying to please all at once. As a result, Samsung TVs will surprise you with just the right features at just the right price.

That being said, let’s see what category this 50” beauty falls into. Judging by the fact that 3D capabilities are absent, we can easily assume that the hardcore movie enthusiasts are not the main target of the UE50ES5500. However, this slightly contradicts with the huge screen size, as with a 50-inch display, watching movies should be a blast. Oh, and there are the SMART features of the TV, making it even harder to place the TV in a certain category. Still, if we look at the specs and draw a line, we can safely assume that this TV is aimed at the users who want to enjoy movies and browse the Internet on a big screen TV but don’t need all the latest bling, the latest bling being 3D in this case.

Now that we’ve established what the target audience of the ES5500 is, let’s see how well this TV performs in its field. First we have the gigantic 50” screen capable of Full HD 1080p resolution. Add Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer Plus into the equation and you can easily get an idea on how the display performs: amazing. Images are crystal-clear and colours are vibrant, realistic and uniform, thanks to the LED lighting.

On the features side, this TV is well equipped, coming with a built-in Freeview HD tuner. What’s more interesting, though, is its SMART side. If you can overlook the small inconvenient represented by the absence of an integrated Wi-Fi module, the SMART feature is flawless: simply plug in an Ethernet cable and you get the Internet at your fingertips. Browsing the Internet is simple and straightforward, as everything is at hand thanks to Samsung’s Smart Hub. The TV is clearly aimed at social users, judging by the perfect integration of social networks into the Smart Hub; however, there’s an interesting thing, though: the absence of an integrated video camera, needed for Skype video calls. This is somehow unexpected for a TV in this price range but it’s not a big drawback, as you can buy the camera separately at a decent price.

Another noticeable feature is the PVR function; the TV doesn’t come with an integrated PVR in the true meaning of the words, but it’s rather PVR ready, meaning that you can easily plug in a USB thumb drive or an external hard drive and start recording your favourite shows. This is more convenient than an integrated PVR, as it’s much easier to connect a new drive when the current one is full, but this approach means that you have to buy the drive yourself instead of having it already there.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • TV Model – Samsung UE50ES5500
  • Screen Size – 50-inch
  • Display – 1920 x 1080, Full HD, LED
  • 100 Hz Clear Motion Rate
  • Audio – two 10W Speakers, Dolby Digital Plus
  • DLNA Certified
  • USB Playback and Recording
  • Smart TV – web browser, smart hub, social networks, Skype and more
  • Tuner – Built-in Freeview HD
  • Connectivity – HDMI x3, USB x2, Ethernet x1, PC-in x1, Digital Audio Out x1, Scart x1


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