Combining a classical microwave oven, a convection oven and a grill – all in one device, the Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ Combination Microwave is a good pick if you are looking to save some space in your kitchen and some money in your wallet. You can buy it for only £155.90 at

With a capacity of 27 liters and a rotating turntable measuring 34 centimeters in diameter, the Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ can accommodate even the largest dining plates.

The microwave power output is 1000 Watts, adjustable via the 6 power settings. Another 1300 Watts of power are delivered by the quartz heater that empowers the grill, adjustable via 3 power settings. The 1300 Watts quartz heater also powers the oven function, but in oven mode it can be adjusted in 10 power steps, allowing you to select an operating temperature of 100 to 220°C

The power consumption can go up to 1140W for the microwave function, 1360W for the grill function and 1375W for the oven function, with a maximum reachable power consumption of 2385W. This, however, depends on the program you are using.

You have a wide selection of programs, 13 to be precise, to complete the most common tasks such as cooking or defrosting. You can also set delayed start or set up child lock to prevent infants from operating the device. All these features are programmable via the buttons on the control panel and the status is displayed on the integrated display with scrolling text function.

The child lock feature is not the only safety feature – the Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ also has a push-button door opening mechanism, instead of the classical handle built directly into the door which might have you pull the unit out of place every time you want to open the door.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Microwave Model - Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ
  • Capacity – 27 litres
  • Interior – Stainless Steel
  • Microwave – 1140W
  • Grill – 1360W
  • Convection – 1375W
  • Quartz Heater
  • Child Lock
  • 3 Stage Memory
  • Delay Start – 9 hours 59 minutes


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