If taking photos is one of your hobbies, this one is for you. Amazon.co.uk currently holds a hot deal on the Olympus VR-340, a 16MP digital camera that will allow you to ‘immortalise’ all your important moments. Featuring a 10x optical zoom, dual image stabilization systems and a large 3-inch LCD, this camera might just be your dream camera. Get it now for only £69.95. Also available at:


Olympus VR-340 Overview

Not everybody like carrying a big camera around and not everybody can afford one. For those who want good performance and a small size, Olympus created the VR-340, a compact digital camera aimed at the amateur photographer that doesn’t settle with mediocre image quality.

Packing in a 16MP image sensor paired with a lens capable of providing an optical zoom of 10x (the equivalent of a 24mm-240mm professional lens), the VR-340 is a camera that will impress you. Images are crystal clear without blur thanks to the dual stabilization system that combines an optical stabilization system with a digital one, removing the effects of camera shakes. The camera comes with a wide variety of image effects and it can also record video clips at a 720p HD resolution.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Camera Model – Olympus VR-340
  • Sensor – 16 Megapixels
  • Optical Zoom – 10x
  • Dual Image Stabiliser
  • Display – 3.0 inch LCD
  • Connectivity – USB
  • Warranty – 2 Years


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