Do you want your PC to boot and shutdown twice as fast? If you are looking for a reliable, shock resistant and low energy data storage device, you should definitely look into SSDs. We have the lowest price on Sandisk 120GB Ultra Solid State Drive. This SSD is a great upgrade for any desktop PC or laptop. SanDisk Ultra SSD will dramatically improve performance and battery life of your laptop. It is currently available for just £64.99 at In addition, if you buy now you will get free 2 to 4 day delivery.

Features Summary

  • SSD Model – Sandisk 120GB Ultra
  • Capacity – 120GB
  • Speed – read at up to 280 MB/s; write at up to 270MB/s
  • Reliability – this SSD is much more reliable and durable than regular hard drives because there are no moving parts. Also, it can easily withstand any vibrations
  • Warranty –  3 years


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