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Closer Look At LG GWL227HSYA

The LG GWL227HSYA – is a classic american style combo fridge freezer with beautiful stainless steel finish, ideal for medium to large families. Dimensions wise it’s H1753 x W894 x D753, so if you have a small kitchen, this LG refrigerator might be too big.

The total interior capacity of this combo amounts to 530 litres. The refrigerator section takes 365 litres, leaving 173l to the freezer’s side. Both sections can be manually and automatically controlled thanks to the 88 LED display panel and the 6 integrated temperature sensors.

The GWL227HSYA comes with a built-in water and ice dispenser which takes little space and is neatly positioned for easy access on the left side door of the freezer. Unfortunately, the dispenser doesn’t connect to a water supply; instead, it needs to be refilled manually which is slightly disappointing. However, this shouldn’t be an extremely major drawback for those who don’t want or can’t have a plumbing route attached to this LG. Also, the dispenser’s water container is spacious enough for infrequent refills.

The refrigerator’s side comes with 3 tempered glass shelves. Along with these, 2 humidity controllable drawers are added for fresh vegetables and fruit. An egg bank is also available and the interior is conveniently illuminated with a 40W lamp.

One great feature of the freezer section is that it can be programmed for fast, express freezing, so that you can freeze your foods in a very short time, to prolong their refrigeration and ensure they stay fresh and healthy for longer periods of time. In addition, the freezer has 5 tempered glass shelves and 2 plastic drawers, all easily retractable for cleaning or for retrieving your food. As before, another 40W lamp is present so visibility, as you would expect, is not an issue.

Furthermore, the freezer section is equipped with a door-open alarm, to prevent accidentally leaving it open for more than a few minutes. Also, a children lock can be used to prevent unauthorized access to the freezer. Expect a mild, 41 dB sound level when the freezer peaks, generally during express freezing. Normally, the sound level is almost inaudible.

In terms of energy consumption, expect it to add up to 543 kw/h to your yearly energy bill which, for its size, makes it an A rating model. While you can find more power efficient models, given its size, this remains a very power efficient refrigerator and should help you save a lot on energy.

Power efficient, with that classic American style look and a sturdy body, the LG GWL227HSYA is a good pick for most of medium sized or large kitchens. The option to control the temperature for the two separate compartments, the reliable sensor array that keeps over-freezing and frosting at bay and the well balanced range of shelves makes for a great overall product. LG’s offers a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty but it can be extended to 3 or 5 years.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Fridge Model - LG GWL227HSYA
  • Fridge Capacity – 365 litres
  • Freezer Capacity – 173 litres
  • Fridge – tempered glass shelves x3, crisper drawers with humidity control x2, egg bank x1
  • Freezer – tempered glass shelves x5, plastic drawers x2
  • Water & Ice Dispenser
  • Open Door Alarm
  • Child Lock
  • Sound Level 41dB


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