Get your laundry impeccably clean with the LG F1479FDS6 washing machine. The Direct- Drive motor combined with the 6 motion technology delivers increased washing efficiency as well as lower power consumption, while the steam jet is effective in removing odours and leaving your clothes easy to iron. Check out for the best deal on the LG F1479FDS6 – only £599.00.

Reinvent Washing with the LG F1479FDS6

LG is a brand that tries to bring a bit of innovation to all of their products and the F1479FDS6 washing machine is no exception. While the Direct-Drive motor is not something new in the field of washing machines, being a common feature in all high-end models, the 6 motion feature is. The feature basically provides 6 different types of drum motions to deliver the best results.

The washing machine comes with a capacity of 9 kilograms and 14 different washing programs, each of them using the 6motion feature differently. The feature does its job well, making the drum turn both ways in different patterns, thus increasing washing efficiency and lowering power consumption at the same time. However, the different motion patterns might make you wonder if they’re not going to leave their mark on the motor, reducing its lifespan.

Assisting the 6motion feature is the steam cleaning option which turns out to be most effective against odours and allergens but also leaves the clothes easier to iron, being be a big plus in terms of time saving and convenience.

The LG F1479FDS6 scores big on efficiency, having an A+++ energy rating, a washing rating of A as well as an A spinning rating. We could also give it an A rating when it comes to the ease of use thanks to its big door and the big LCD display.

Overall, the LG F1479FDS6 is a good pick if you’re looking for a well-equipped washing machine at a decent price.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Washing Machine Model – LG F1479FDS6
  • 6 motion Direct Drive
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Laundry Capacity – 9 KG
  • LCD Display
  • Spin Speed – 1400 rpm
  • 14 programmes
  • Allergy Care Program
  • Water Consumption – 58.5 Litre
  • Energy Efficiency – A+++
  • Washing Efficiency – A
  • Spinning Efficiency – A


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