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Looking for perfection? You found it! Meet the LG 60PM970T, a 60-inch 3D plasma TV that will make you forget other TVs even exist. Fitted with a generous 60-inch display and incorporating all the latest technologies available to date, the 60PM970T is truly a technology masterpiece. Get yours now from appliancesdirect.co.uk for £1299.98. The next best price at:

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LG 60PM970T Review – Simply The Best

When it comes to TVs, simply mentioning the brand LG will lighten up your face, because you’ll know you’re dealing with a product that won’t disappoint. However, the LG 60PM970T is not just one of those TVs, but rather the type of TV that will totally blow you away. With a 60-inch screen, the 60PM690T is one of the biggest TVs out there, if we overlook the monstrous show-off models that stretch up to 100 inches or more.

What really makes the LG 60PM970T special is the combination of all the factors and technologies that are needed to achieve an image quality that’s close to perfection. In this category, we can mention LG’s choice of using a 3D capable plasma display instead of an LCD panel, thus ensuring more realistic colours, the presence of the famous Triple XD Engine and the 600 Hz Sub Field Drive technology; the combination is a successful one because the images displayed by this TV are breath-taking. Also, considering the fact that this TV is one of the few TVs that has a THX 3D certification, we can safely say that the image quality of this TV is as good as it gets. For this reason, we won’t even focus on image quality in this review because we already know what we’re dealing with here; instead, we’ll highlight some of the other things that make the LG 60PM970T the ultimate TV.

One of the things the LG 60PM970T impresses with is its overall appearance. The thin display frame gives the impression that the TV is even bigger than it actually is, making it look even more imposing. Its slim design might make it seem fragile but its black metallic finish counteracts this aspect, giving the TV an interesting overall as


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