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Add a third dimension to your favourite movies with the help of the LG 47LM640T 3D TV. Its huge 47” display will make you forget there’s everything else around, allowing you to fully immerse into the ultimate cinematic experience. Get the LG 47LM640T now from pixmania.co.uk for as low as £649.00 and enjoy the cinema experience every time you turn it on. The next best price at:


LG 47LM640T Review

The LG 47LM640T is one of those TVs that leave you amazed before you even turn it on. Its ultra-slim design combines very well with the thin display frame that surrounds the gigantic 47” display panel, making the TV look very exquisite.

Moving on to what’s really important – image quality – this TV exceeds expectations. Images are displayed impeccable thanks to the Triple XD Engine and the numerous other image filters and enhancers so whether you’re watching standard definition content or high-definition 3D content, you’re in for a real treat. The 2D to 3D conversion feature will turn your monotonous everyday content into amazing 3D content, allowing you to watch TV in a way you’ve never done it before.

The 3D support of the LG 47LM640T is well-implemented and comes with quite some interesting features. For example, the 3D depth can be customized so you can precisely control the amount of realism you want in your content. An even more interesting feature is the Dual Play function, which allows two users to play a game in full screen mode simultaneously by using the dedicated Dual Play 3D glasses. The Dual Play 3D glasses are not included with the TV but there are 4 pairs of classic 3D glasses included instead.

Like any modern Smart TV nowadays, the LG 47LM640T comes with an integrated Wi-Fi module that facilitates an Internet connection. Once that is established, browsing the web on the 47” screen is a pure pleasure. The LG Magic Remote is the easiest way to do so, thanks to its point and click function, but unfortunately the Magic Remote is not included so you’ll have to buy it separately. This is a bit of a disappointment, considering that benefiting of what the TV has to offer in terms of Internet is not so easy with the regular remote. However, Magic Remote or not, you can still access the LG Social Center and access all your favourite social networks. You can also browse the LG App Store for interesting apps or navigate through the functions and features of your TV via the Home Dashboard features. Overall, the LG 47LM640T is quite intuitive.

In terms of connectivity, the TV plays well with other devices too. The 4 HDMI ports allow you to connect all the devices you may want, such as a Blu-ray player or a gaming console, while the 3 USB ports provide additional connectivity. All the other classical connection ports and methods are present, including DLNA support, making the LG 47LM640T one of the best equipped TVs you can find at this price range.

Overall, the LG 47LM640T is a top-class 3D TV that demonstrates once again that LG is a brand that really knows how to make TVs.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • TV Model - LG 47LM640T
  • Screen – 47 inch
  • Display – Full HD, 1080p, LED, 3D
  • Triple XD Engine
  • Audio – two 10W speakers with Infinite Surround
  • 2D to 3D Conversion
  • 3D to 2D Conversion
  • Intelligent Sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Adapter
  • Smart TV – Web browser, App Store, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, Social Networks and more.
  • USB Playback – supports standard video, audio and image formats
  • Tuner – Built-in Freeview HD
  • Connectivity – USB2.0 x3, HDMI x4, CI x1, Full Scart x1, RGB x1, Ethernet x1, Wi-Fi
  • Accessories – four pairs of 3D glasses included in the price


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