Amazon is ready to enlarge its Kindle family with yet another revolutionary product – the Kindle Paperwhite. Coming out with a new and innovative lighting technology, a better contrast ratio and various other improvements over the older generation of readers, you can order one right now for £99.00 and experience the changes.

Kindle Whitepaper – Can It Change the Way We Read?

Because we want to keep things as objective as possible, we decided to wait until Kindle Paperwhite will be released and test the exact same version that will be available to the open public instead of going with a pre-release test version that might or might not be identical to the finished product. For that reason, the only thing we can do now is examine the specs provided by Amazon, which highlight a higher pixel density, a completely redesigned and innovative lighting system and a wider choice of fine-tuned fonts – factors that should have a very positive impact on the overall reading experience, making it significantly better.

Once it is released, we will have the Kindle Paperwhite in our hands and we’ll put it under our magnifying glass, letting you know if the improvements really make a difference or the difference is just on paper. Stay tuned for the full review!

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Model – Kindle Paperwhite
  • Screen – 6-inch
  • Display – Paperwhite multi-touch display, 212 ppi, 16-level grey scale
  • Storage – 2GB
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Connectivity – USB 2.0 x1


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