Dust and dirt doesn’t stand a chance in front of the Dyson DC19T2 vacuum cleaner; 1400 Watts of power combined with Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology make the DC19T2 the only vacuum you’ll need for all your cleaning needs. Clean floors, carpets, rugs, upholstery, curtains and even your car – all with one single vacuum cleaner: the Dyson DC19T2. Get it now for only £214.99 from coopelectricalshop.co.uk.

Dyson DC19T2 Review

The Dyson DC19T2 is one of those products that stand out of the crowd from the first sight. Being a bag less vacuum cleaner, the DC19T2 is fitted with a transparent bin which gives it an interesting robotic-like look. The body of the vacuum is grey with a colourful accent, adding a friendly touch to the overall appearance.

Flexibility is the word that describes this vacuum cleaner the best; the dual mode tool allows you to easily switch between carpet mode and hard floor mode for fast cleaning without the need of constantly switching cleaning heads. The extensible wand is useful if you’re cleaning upholstery or curtains and the adjustable suction power is especially useful in this scenario; however, even on the lowest setting it is still a bit too powerful so it might get annoying when it repeatedly pulls curtains or thin carpets in. The solution to this is to use the integrated suction release trigger on the wand to temporarily disable the suction and thus release the curtain or carpet that got pulled in.

Probably the most attractive feature of the Dyson DC19T2 is the Root Cyclone technology. It works by creating a high-power centrifugal force that sends dust and dirt directly into the collecting bin. A HEPA filter is also present to catch any dust particles that may be left, making the Dyson DC19T2 a vacuum cleaner that’s both efficient and friendly towards people with allergies.

In terms of portability, the Dyson DC19T2 packs some pros and some cons. On the upside we have the 6.5 metre power cable and the integrated tool storage place that allows you to carry all the accessories around with you. The 3-wheel design of the unit is also a plus, making it easy to manoeuvre around. The considerably high weight of the vacuum – 8.5 kilograms – can prove to be quite a disadvantage when you have to carry it around, especially if you have to move it from across the stairs.

The bagless design is another significant advantage of the Dyson DC19T2, as you won’t have to keep buying bags and thus you’ll save a lot of money on the long run. The dust bin has a storage capacity of 2 litres and since it is transparent, you’ll easily be able to see when it needs emptying and cleaning. The bin is washable, along with the filters, so the only maintenance costs you’ll face are the costs of the HEPA filter you’ll need to replace periodically. Overall, the Dyson DC19T2 is one of the most economical vacuum cleaners around in this price range.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Vacuum Cleaner Model - Dyson DC19T2
  • Root Cyclone™ technology
  • Filter - HEPA filter with Bactisafe™
  • Turbine head
  • Suction Power – 280 AW
  • Bin Capacity – 2 litres
  • Maximum Reach – 10 metres
  • Cord Length – 6.5 metres

Dyson DC19T2 Video Review


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