Reasonably priced Sandy Bridge laptop. is currently selling the Dell N5050 featuring a 2nd generation Intel Core i3 processor clocked at 2.30GHz, 4GB of  DDR3-1333MHz memory and a hard drive with 500GB capacity. As is evident from the above, it isn’t the fastest laptop around, however, the price isn’t high either. Since it costs just £299.00, it easily qualifies for the ‘budget laptop’ category. The N5050 performs well on most of the average user’s tasks, and upgraded with an SSD, this laptop could do wonders. Bear in mind that this machine doesn’t have any discrete GPU, so if you are hunting for a powerful gaming notebook, this particular model of Dell N5050 isn’t an ideal candidate. Overall, a decent performance laptop for a ‘wallet-friendly’ price.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Laptop Model – Dell N5050
  • Processor – 2nd Generation Intel Core i3-2350M, Sandy Bridge
  • CPU Speed – 2.30GHz, Cache 3MB
  • Screen Size – 15.6-inch
  • Display – 1366 x 768, HD, LED Backlit
  • Memory – 4GB RAM, DDR3-1333MHz
  • Storage – 500GB, 5400rpm
  • Graphics – Integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Connectivity – USB2.0 x3, HDMI x1, Ethernet x1, Multi Card Reader x1,
  • Battery Life – up to 5 hours
  • Warranty –  1 year


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