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Cello C42109DVB Review – Cheap Full HD 3D TV

Budget TVs are becoming more popular by the day so its no wonder that manufacturers do their best to make them as irresistible as possible. They know that, if they want to stay in the game or even capture a bigger market segment, now is their chance. With that idea in mind, Cello presents us with the C42109DVB 42-inch 3D TV.

While in terms of features and functionality budget TVs can compete with high-end TVs, in terms of design they stand no chance. This rule is not written in stone but it does apply to the majority of budget TVs, as their designs are usually thick and dull. Unfortunately, the Cello C42109DVB is no exception to this, measuring 10 centimetres in thickness, which is quite a lot compared to high-end TVs.

If the design is not the Cello C42109DVB’s selling point, we’re happy to say that its image quality is, because the 42-inch LCD display delivers crystal-clear images. We connected the TV to a Blu-ray player and tested out several Blu-ray discs and we must say that image quality was quite impressive, with no noticeable bleeding or motion blur. We also tested the 3D functionality and, again, the TV managed to surprise us. Full HD 3D content looked realistic, with a decent level of depth. Since the TV uses passive 3D technology, the 3D glasses are light, so we didn’t experience any discomfort while testing them.

A downside of the Cello C42109DVB is the lack of SMART features but, as we said in other budget TV reviews, some cutbacks are understandable, as it’s the only way manufacturers can sell their products at lower prices. Fortunately, smart TV dongles listed here can resolve this issue, transforming this TV into a SMART TV, so this can be regarded as a temporary problem. We also found some interesting features, though, such as the TV’s ability to record directly to an USB thumb drive or external hard drive, allowing you to capture all your favourite TV shows and watch them whenever you feel like. Still, we have to admit that we were somewhat disappointed to find out that the C42109DVB comes with a SD Freeview tuner instead of a HD one, as it would have been really nice to have access to some free HD channels to record from. Again, this problem is solvable by a set-top box, so we can’t complain much.

Overall, we were quite satisfied with the performance of the Cello C42109DVB, the TV demonstrating once again that you don’t have to pay a ton of money to get a decent product. As long as you can live without SMART features or until you get your hands on a smart TV dongle, the Cello C42109DVB is a decent alternative to more expensive 3D TVs.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • TV Model – Cello C42109DVB
  • Screen Size – 42 inch
  • Display Resolution – 1920 x 1080, Full HD (1080p)
  • Contrast – 1200:1
  • Tuner – Built-in Freeview
  • Audio – Two 8W Speakers
  • Connectivity – HDMI x3, SCART x1, USB2.0 x1, RCA x1


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