Having a 3D TV is not an unaffordable luxury anymore, thanks to Blaupunkt’s ultra-hot offer on their 32 inch 3D TV. For a price tag of only £199, you get a 32” LCD TV capable of rendering 3D content at Full HD 1080p resolution – what more could you ask for? Grab yours now from sainsburys.co.uk.

Blaupunkt 32” 3D TV Review

When it comes to budget TVs, you would normally expect a mediocre TV that doesn’t stand out from the crowd, with basic functions, average design and that’s about it. You might be correct in most cases, though, but don’t jump to quick conclusions just yet, because this 32” Blaupunkt TV has some surprises in its sleeves.

Let’s start with the design – maybe the only average thing of this TV. It’s not the slimmest TV and it’s not the most handsome, we’ll admit that, but its build quality is impressive and doesn’t give that cheap feeling you find in most budget products.

Moving on, we have a 32” screen capable of delivering Full HD 1080p resolution which indicates that no trade-offs have been made in terms of image quality here. Movies would look better on a larger display, it’s true, but again, let’s not forget we’re talking about a budget TV here. Even so, in terms of image quality, this TV easily outranks other models from its price range.

The most attractive feature of this TV is, without doubt, its 3D capability. It uses the passive 3D technology which results in three things: lower price (because, unlike the active 3D technology that displays alternative frames for each eye – thus requiring display panel capable of changing images several times each second, passive 3D technology uses polarization filters in the screen and glasses which do not require the presence of an ultra-fast display panel, resulting in lower production costs), comfortable viewing experience (passive 3D glasses are lighter than active 3D glasses which have electronics and batteries fitted in them) and cheaper glasses (it’s a known fact that passive glasses cost significantly less than active glasses). Image quality is impressive and the presence of a 2D to 3D upscale feature is really surprising, as this feature is usually lacked by more expensive models. Putting it short, the TV can flawlessly display 3D content from native 3D sources and from 2D sources as well. This TV is ready for 3D out of the box, thanks to the included 4 pairs of 3D glasses.

Another pleasant surprise comes from the TVs connectivity side, the USB port to be more precise. Besides the regular media playback function you find in any TV that has an USB port, this Blaupunkt TV also supports recording to any USB device, allowing you to record your favourite TV shows to an external hard drive. A Freeview tuner is also present so one thing’s for sure: you won’t run out of content.

One possible downside of this TV is the lack of Internet connectivity. Fortunately, the latter can be solved with one of smart TV dongles listed here that can transform any TV into a Smart TV powered by Android Jelly Bean Operating System. Another weakness of this Blaupunkt is its 32-inch screen, however, given its price of less than £200.00, this TV has some pretty great features that still make it a fantastic buy.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • TV Model – Blaupunkt 32/56G-GB-1B-F3TCU-UK
  • Screen Size – 32-inch
  • Display – 1920 x 1080, Full HD, 3D
  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Audio – two 9W speakers
  • USB Playback and Recording
  • Tuner – Built-in Freeview
  • Connectivity – HDMI x3, USB x1, SCART x1
  • 3D Glasses – 4 pairs included


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