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If you are one of those people that are constantly on a move and need to hold presentations in various places you will definitely find this deal interesting. The Asus P1 portable LED projector is the answer to your problems, delivering great performance and extreme portability. Stop looking for other cheap LED projectors and get the Asus P1 now from amazon.co.uk – the home of the best LED projector deals – for only £297.55.

Asus P1 Portable LED Projector Review

For a business man travelling a long distance just to hold a presentation, having to work with an old projector or one that doesn’t scale the presentation correctly can be a major headache. A student that needs to present a project can also deal with the same problem, resulting in a failed presentation and a low grade. If you fall in any of these categories, or anywhere in between, don’t take any chances with your presentations – bring your own projector.

The Asus P1 portable projector is one of the smallest projectors out there, easily fitting in a laptop bag. Don’t let its small size fool you though, as its performance is close to the one of a regular size projector. The maximum resolution of the P1 is 1280 by 800 with a luminescence of 200 lumens – some pretty impressive specs for a projector measuring only 4.94” x 1.32” x 5.12”.

Powered by a LED light source instead of a classical projection bulb, the P1 delivers more uniform lighting that won’t degrade in time; projection bulbs usually lose their intensity after a certain usage period, thus reducing the overall performance of the projector. The light source unit in this projector should last up to 30,000 hours which is approximately 7 times longer compared to conventional bulb projectors. Furthermore, the LED light used in the Asus P1 also requires less power compared to a projection bulb.

In the normal lighting conditions, the image quality is decent when it comes to PowerPoint spreadsheets but it’s not very impressive when it comes to movies. By contrast, in the dimmed room, this Asus LED projector performs surprisingly well when gaming or watching movies too. Still, the projector’s main target audience is the business traveller, the student or any person that needs to hold a presentation on the run.

Setting up the P1 is fairly easy and the projector is ready to start quickly, taking no more than 12 seconds to display the first image after you power it up. It connects to the image source via a VGA or Composite input, which is fairly enough for the needs of the previously mentioned target users. The presence of a DVI or mini-HDMI port would have been useful but that would have definitely bumped up the unit’s price.

A big plus of the P1 is the automatic keystone correction, a feature that allows you to get it ready for work without having to make a lot of adjustments. This feature ensures uniform images even if the projector is in an unusual angle – especially useful when the projector might move out of position due to the weight of signal cables that are connected on its side.

The short throw projection distance makes the Asus P1 ideal for small rooms, such as an office or a classroom, providing a 40” display from a projection distance of only 1 meter.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Projector Model – Asus P1
  • Light Source – LED Light
  • Projection Resolution – 1280 x 800
  • Luminosity – 200 Lumens
  • Light Source Life – 30,000 hours
  • Start-up Time – 12 seconds
  • Connectivity – VGA, Composite

Asus P1 LED Projector Video Overview


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