If you love big-screen monitors but you can’t afford one, think again, because Ebuyer.com currently has a hot deal on the 21.5-inch Acer V223HQVbd monitor. Don’t miss the chance to buy a 21.5-inch Full-HD monitor for only £84.50 – a real bargain!

Acer V223HQVbd Overview

Once upon a time monitors were the simplest devices ever – you just plugged in the power cable and the signal cable and they worked; no twisted menus, no sophisticated features, no unnecessary ports. Acer seems to remember those times and wants to offer you just that with the V223HQVbd monitor, a monitor that’s stripped out of all unnecessary features and options.

It’s obvious that the V223HQVbd is not a monitor for everybody, because many people will find the lack of a HDMI port simply inconceivable, while on the other hand, some people will find the HDMI simply unnecessary. This monitor does one simple thing, and it does it good: it displays images. Thanks to its Full HD resolution, daily tasks, movies and games look good, clean and accurate.

The bottom line is simple: if you’re the type of user that wants an ultra high-tech monitor, this one is not it; if you’re the user that just wants simplicity, the Acer V223HQVbd might be just what you’re looking for.

Features and Specifications Summary

  • Monitor Model – Acer V223HQVbd
  • Screen Size – 21.5-inch
  • Display Resolution – 1920 x 1080, Full HD
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:9
  • Display Type – LCD
  • Contrast – 20,000:1 (dynamic)
  • Response Time – 5ms
  • Connectivity –DVI x1, VGA x1
  • Warranty – 3 Years


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